Natural outdoor photography

I pride myself in capturing natural smiles & interactions between families. How am I able to do this you ask? Well it's because we are outside. Children seem to be at their best when they are running around outside having fun & playing games. I have plenty of games in my arsenal, as well as ways to interact with different personalities of kids such as a child thats abit shy. It's important for me to get information from parents on their children so I have talking points with them, I know what they love to do or if they are quite shy, outgoing etc. This is why I send questionnaires out to my mums and dads before the session.

By being outside photographing children they act much more natural and are interactive with their family members as opposed to being in a studio setting where everything is posed and strict. They can run, they can play and they can be silly! So if you're a parent that wants really posed images of your family then I'm not the photographer for you, but if you're wanting to document in a natural way, that tells the story of your family and lets your children do what children do best then I'm the woman for you.

Brothers running and laughing outdoors
Brother and sister smiling
family cudding outside