With natural family photography, I love to get the kids involved as much as possible. I want them to be having the best time whilst getting beautiful images. So I get them playing games with their adults, Ps it also helps everybody loosen up a little bit too! Here are some of the games I love:

  • This one is great for tiny tots, playing peekaboo with your baby or toddler is a sure fire way to get them smiling and giggling.
  • Hide & Seek is an awesome way of getting kids running around trees or maybe parents if their is more than one kid.
  • I love the sneak attack game for older more serious or shy children, I get one of the grown ups to sneak up on them or do something to surprise them such as tickling or lifting them up.
  • When you have small children, they tend to want to be close to their grown ups to feel safe so playing flying kids is a great one if your child is shy and wants to be close to you. I get the grown ups to fly their child round in the air or hold their hands and swing them up.
  • Snuggling in can be made into a game, I generally get everyone standing or sat next each other and shout snuggle in.
  • Ring around the rosie is such a lovely game to play if their are multiple kids, getting them all to hold hands and dance around in a circle tends to get them interacting and smiling naturally.
  • Tickle time always makes for funny images, I get the kids to tickle their grown ups.
  • Who has the smelliest feet - Sorry dads it's normally you they all shout, but it makes for fun images of everybody laughing.